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The Automatic Parking Management system (APMS) works with the Aid of the State-of-the-Art Al based deep learning technology by COS AI. In this system IP/CSI camera, Main Display, Occupancy Display, Occupancy Camera, LPU's, etc., is deployed for detection cars. There is Security cabin both at entry & exit point, to address any issues (if occurs) that requires manual intervention. The Central Command Centre (CCC) is Provided with a Server and a Wall mount Display to monitor the entire APMS. The vacant and occupied parking is monitored by the dedicated occupancy cameras, such that one camera for every 4 car parking slots. The parking occupancy is monitored and broadcast on the CCC and LED display simultaneously. Application- Malls, Residential Apartments, Offices, Hospitals, etc where Parking Fee collection is needed


In this system, IP/CSI camera is deployed for detection of License plate of the cars, which is processed by the Mini PC (Own ANPR API) and signal is issued to the RS485, for operating the Boom barrier. Once the car enters the parking zone, there is a Large display to show the Number Plate of the vehicle entering the parking area and list all available vacant parking slots, lane-wise. Apart from this, an LED Display is placed at each lane to show the available vacant parking slot specific to that lane alone.


Once the Car approach the Exit point, the IP/CSI Camera recognizes the License plate number with the help of Mini PC process and sends the data to the data centre to calculate the parking fee, which is then displayed on the LED screen at the exit point. Parking Fee is collected either through UPI or direct cash. Once fee is paid, server sends signal to the controller RS485, to open the Boom Barrier and the car exits from the parking hazel free.

Terms & Conditions

The calculation is done on the assumption that camera detects 4cars

The equipment at the entrance and exit can be connected to the CCC through wire also instead of Cloud or WAN.

Internal and external wiring, lighting provisions taken suitable according to the site.