Why should you use COS AI

COS AI aspires to revolutionize the country's traffic management by incorporating the technology of the future, Artificial Intelligence, into traffic management. The startup intends to harness the immense potential of AI-powered technologies by putting them into a regulatory structure for effective traffic management.

Our Perspective

Traffic management enabled by Artificial Intelligence has great potential for exponential growth. AI sparks have already been seen in the industry. COS AI reveals a vision, "To employ AI forces for maximal optimization in traffic management".

our Objective

COS AI embarks on a mission of responsibility with the goal of reforming the country's traffic management. It carries the task of constructing an ideal traffic management system, by paving the way for the incorporation of AI technology and renovating every part and feature of the traffic management sector.

Our Fortitude

We are partnered with COS Consultancy Services, our parent business, which has a strong backbone of 25 years of excellence

Strong domain expertise

Engineering in Transportation

We do not rely solely on AI; our parent company serves as a transportation backbone, allowing you to customize your solution.

Online Control Panel

Reports and charts (IRC)

We deliver IRC guidelines-based reporting with an outstanding ultramodern interface with numerous charts and reports that can be customized.

Dual Domain Support

Survey and Count

In a single end product service we provide Video Capturing, Analysis, Counting, Documentation, and Premium Support to our clients.

QA was kept up to date

Checked for errors and defects

We provide QA by several factors prior to release, to assure an error-free experience.

Freedom has arrived.

Completely customized

COS AI services are well-structured and easily customizable to each client's specific needs.

Do you need assistance?

It includes assistance.

If you have any problems, you can always contact our dedicated support team. They are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.