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AI SMART POLICING - Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System (MVSS)

Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System:

Al Based Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System (MVSS) conducts diverse surveillance tasks like ANPR-based Vehicle Tracking, Helmet Detection, and Intrusion Detection on specialized vehicles for operational departments and intelligence services. It serves as a vigilant road observer for enhanced surveillance and protection.
This vehicle-mounted system employs a PTZ camera controlled by a laptop or tablet, enabling operators to adjust the camera's position for targeted surveillance. The user-friendly interface facilitates focus on areas of interest, such as license plates, facilitating effective surveillance and information capture.


  Crime Prevention and Investigation

  Patrol and Response Enhancement

  Event Security

  Traffic Monitoring

  Surveillance in Remote Areas

  Witness and Evidence Gathering

  Undercover Operations

  Search and Rescue Operations

Terms & Conditions

The client is responsible for providing the Bolero/Jeep vehicle

All costs related to PTZ camera mounting/engineering works are to be borne by the client

The Kit and PTZ Camera's power supply must be drawn from the Bolero/Jeep battery, including any necessary wiring, which is the client's responsibility.

It is important not to park a stationary vehicle within the video coverage area; continuous traffic flow is preferred.

Not recommended for use in areas with mixed traffic, such as road crossings, traffic signals, or leakage roads.

If a customer requests usage on road crossings, service roads, leakage roads, etc., a separate product should be explored.