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No Helmet Detection

Detecting helmet usage using IP cameras, stationary or vehicle-mounted, use advanced computer vision for helmet detection in safety-critical zones like construction sites and roads. Live video feeds undergo real-time analysis with specialized algorithms, identifying helmets based on unique features. When someone lacks a helmet, instant alerts notify authorities or control centers, enabling effective enforcement of safety rules. This proactive system aids law enforcement and safety personnel in promoting helmet compliance and enhancing overall safety in diverse environments.

Terms & Conditions

The client is responsible for providing the Bolero/Jeep vehicle

All costs related to PTZ camera mounting/engineering works are to be borne by the client

The Kit and PTZ Camera's power supply must be drawn from the Bolero/Jeep battery, including any necessary wiring, which is the client's responsibility.

It is important not to park a stationary vehicle within the video coverage area; continuous traffic flow is preferred.

Not recommended for use in areas with mixed traffic, such as road crossings, traffic signals, or leakage roads.

If a customer requests usage on road crossings, service roads, leakage roads, etc., a separate product should be explored.