Line Crossing and intrusion detection

Line crossing and intrusion detection systems are essential tools for law enforcement, offering enhanced security and rapid response capabilities. These systems use virtual lines to monitor specific areas, triggering immediate alerts when unauthorized individuals cross predefined boundaries. Real-time alerts enable swift responses, allowing law enforcement to assess situations accurately. Integrated with surveillance cameras, these systems provide visual verification, aiding in decision-making. Their visible presence acts as a deterrent, dissuading potential intruders. Customizable and adaptable, these systems are invaluable for safeguarding critical areas and maintaining public safety.

Terms & Conditions

The client is responsible for providing the Bolero/Jeep vehicle

All costs related to PTZ camera mounting/engineering works are to be borne by the client

The Kit and PTZ Camera's power supply must be drawn from the Bolero/Jeep battery, including any necessary wiring, which is the client's responsibility.

It is important not to park a stationary vehicle within the video coverage area; continuous traffic flow is preferred.

Not recommended for use in areas with mixed traffic, such as road crossings, traffic signals, or leakage roads.

If a customer requests usage on road crossings, service roads, leakage roads, etc., a separate product should be explored.