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Why Al Based Traffic Camera for Traffic Manages and DPR Consultants?

The Traffic Camera is exclusively developed for traffic managers, offering a kit without NPR and heavy-weight batteries. The videos captured at the site are seamlessly transferred to our COS AI office for efficient detection. This process significantly reduces both time and cost, providing an economical solution. Long waiting times for video transfer and manual detection are completely eliminated, making it a remarkably smart product. Share results promptly with your customers.

Key features

Automatic Video Recording:

The system can automatically start video recording based on predefined criteria.

Remote Access:

Real VNC allows for secure remote access and control of the recording system, enabling users to manage recordings and check the system's status from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud Storage Integration:

If Internet available, Videos are automatically uploaded to Google Drive, easy access to recorded footage.

Error Handling and Alerts:

The system is equipped with error- handling mechanisms and alerts to notify users of any issues, such as failed uploads display in LCD(16*2).

Preconfigured Wi-Fi Configuration:

You can provide the steps for the user to set the SSID to "admin" and the password to "admin123" for the kit to connect automatically.

Dashboard Creation:

Set up a web-based dashboard. The dashboard can display live camera feeds, recorded video playback, and system status. Implement user authentication and authorization to control access to the dashboard.

Terms & Conditions

The charges outlined above solely cover the camera and its accessories for video analytics. Payment for video processing and vehicle counting will be made on an hourly or daily basis, depending on the conditions agreed upon through mutual discussion.

The camera and kit are covered by a one-year warranty. In the event of any issues, repairs will be attempted first, and if not possible, the equipment will be replaced.

COS AI cloud-based analytics offer accuracy levels exceeding 95%, contingent on factors such as video graphics (including camera height and angle), video parameters, and environmental conditions (such as lighting and weather conditions).