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The Vehicle Speed Detection System (VSDS) consists of an ANPR camera, an LED display, along with a 3D speed radar sensor. It is a comprehensive package compliant with the ATMS 2021 manual and operates in real-time. This project is exceptionally exclusive, boasting high accuracy pared to products from other manufacturers.

How VSDS works?

The ANPR camera captures license plate information, while the 3D speed radar sensor measures vehicle speeds accurately. The collected data is then displayed on the LED screen in real-time.

Key features

Maximum Speed Limit:

Capable of detecting speeds up to 160 km/h, ensuring comprehensive speed monitoring.

High-Definition Image Capture:

Provides clear and detailed images for accurate identification and evidence.

Automatic Challan Generation:

Automates the process of issuing traffic violation fines, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Customized Reporting:

Offers a fully customizable reporting system to tailor reports to specific business needs and requirements.

Integration with e-Challan Software:

Seamlessly integrates with e-Challan software for streamlined enforcement and record-keeping.

Terms & Conditions

The client is responsible for covering the costs associated with Uninterrupted Power Supply, lighting, Internet Broadband line, Network Cabling. Camera mounting, and any other miscellaneous works.

Camera installations must be positioned at a minimum height of 18 feet above the surface.

Any expenses related to establishing connectivity from the camera pole to the toll center, including fiber connectivity, are the responsibility of the client

Two lights will be installed, necessitating the placement of two poles in front of the camera pole. A minimum space of 20 meters between each pole is required on both LHS and RHS. Additionally, a third light will be installed near the camera with a road-focused beam.